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We are delighted to bring together a team of


The name is based on the French phrase: “a mon avis” meaning “in my opinion”.

This serves as a reminder that customer service is always measured in the opinion of your customer.

specialists and experts to design and deliver your project to meet your vision and your needs.  The collaborative team leader is Darla Campbell, President of amonavi consulting group inc.  She brings engineering rigor to people opportunities from marketing to HR.  She is on the wave of "Collaborative Management" and brings an absolute new approach to stodgy old situations.  As the Project Lead, Darla searches far and wide to bring together the best people from all across North America and with international experience as well.  Each of the project team members is a specialist in his or her field.  This is the essence of the collaborative process – putting the best people in the room to deliver the best solution for the client.

Darla D.W. Campbell, P.Eng.

Darla Campbell is passionate about inspiring leaders to move impossible to possible.  From her experience leading national organizations as president of Business and Professional Women (BPW) to her 3-year term on the international executive of BPW and her role as Director on the Oakville Chamber of Commerce, she exemplifies the values of inclusive leadership every step of the way.

Darla began her career as a registered Yamaha music teacher, specializing in music for young children and went on to the corporate world taking with her a passion for teaching, coaching and leading others to succeed.  She has developed award winning training for women entrepreneurs and has developed and facilitated internationally recognized Leadership Development workshops.  Darla is certified as a practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), NLP Coach, Time Line Therapy ® and hypnosis.

Darla demonstrates effective team leadership, communication and skillful presentation of technical information.  With nearly 20 years of experience in project management, Darla has worked with a variety of companies and government agencies developing large infrastructure projects.  Darla has experience in working and volunteering with associations and other non-governmental organizations.  Recent projects of particular interest are:  Leadership Success training for the College Student Alliance; and Member Expectation Survey and Strategic Planning for Water Environment Association of Ontario (WEAO).

With experience on both large-scale municipal projects and small-scale studies, Ms. Campbell also brings expertise in designing and facilitating workshops, conducting surveys and market research studies.  Ms Campbell is an accomplished speaker, moderator, facilitator, trainer and collaborative leader.

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